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Skip The Lines At WDW

Disney World is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world receiving over 47 million visitors each year (in 2011 the Magic Kingdom alone received over 17 million visitors).

With these numbers, every Disney World Resort fan should know that chosing the right day to visit each of the Disney World theme parks can make a huge difference. The difference, in fact, between a picture-perfect trip to Disney World and an absolute nightmare involving endless hours of waiting in line.

After countless trips to the Disney World Resort in the last 20 years – and having tried every Disney World planning strategy under the sun to avoided the dreaded Disney World lines – I strongly recommend TouringPlans.com; a must-have Disney World planning and optimization tool used by both amateur and professional travellers to SAVE UP TO FOUR HOURS IN LINE at the Disney theme parks in a single day.

Multiply that potential daily time-saving by the number of days in your trip to Disney World, and it definitely adds up. Remember that the main source of WDW vacation tension amongst families – and the top reason why people don’t have a good time at the Disney World Resort parks – is because of crowds. Crowds will always exist at Walt Disney World to one degree or another, but it is definitely possible to largely avoid them and minimize their impact on your wonderful Disney World dream vacation.

While it is impossible to predict the future regarding Disney World crowds and attendance levels, the TouringPlans.com folks have made a science out of crowd and wait time predictions at WDW.

Touringplans.com is a website and mobile app that can really help optimize your Walt Disney World vacation. With touring plans, crowd calendar and a mobile wait time app, Touringplans.com has everything you need to plan out and enjoy your day.

Use the Touring Plans discount code MAGIADISNEY when subscribing to TouringPlans.com and get 20% off.

WDW Lines

Disney World Crowd Calendar – When to Go To Disney World

When planning your trip to Disney World, first check out the TouringPlans.com Disney World Crowd Calendar. For every day of the year, you will find an expected crowd-level index based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being least crowded and 10 being most crowded (say, 4th of July).

To view a sample Disney World Crowd Calendar visit the Disney World Crowd Calendar over here. This Crowd Calendar is continuously being updated and refined, and it has been used by over 3 million families already. These calendars are created and updated by a team of professional statisticians, and take into account historical conditions, public holidays, special events, and more.

The Touring Plans – How to Optimize Your Disney World Touring

In the weeks prior to arriving at WDW during your chosen dates, check out the actual optimized Disney World touring plans.

Why follow a touring plan? Because choosing the least crowded days to visit, but not having a good plan of attack for avoiding crowd concentrations during the day is like ordering Diet Coke with three Big Macs. Whatever you do, follow a touring plan!

Avoiding crowd concentrations involves being able to predict where, when, and why they occur. Concentrations of hungry people create bottlenecks at WDW restaurants during lunch and dinner; concentrations of visitors at new and popular Disney World rides, and at rides slow to load and unload, create bottlenecks and long lines. The Touring Plans beat all of these concentrations by advising you when to visit which attractions.

Here you will get over 140 field-tested, step-by-step guides for seeing as much as possible in WDW keeping waiting in line to a bare minimum. The Touring Plans include one-day and two-day attack plans for all four Disney theme parks, and are designed to work for every type of group. Plans include Author's Selective plans to experience the best of the parks, plans for groups with children or seniors, and even late arrival plans to make the most of your days when you prefer to sleep in.

If you already know what attractions and shows you want to hit, check out the touring plan app to create your own customized touring plan for any of the four major Walt Disney World theme parks.

Use the Touring Plans discount code MAGIADISNEY when subscribing to TouringPlans.com and get 20% off.

WDW Lines

Lines: Mobile Wait Times App

Finally, during your trip we recommend using the TouringPlans.com Lines Mobile Wait Times App for the iPhone, Android, and other mobile phones.

Because even the best laid plans often go awry, and sometimes you get a late start to your day or visit an attraction out of order on your Touring Plan, or for whatever reason that circumstances may change, Lines has you covered.

Lines displays current and future statistically-based wait times as predicted by the TouringPlans.com professional statisticians, and also provides user submitted wait times, for every attraction in Walt Disney World. 

Use the Touring Plans discount code MAGIADISNEY when subscribing to TouringPlans.com and get 20% off.

WDW Lines


I strongly recommend a TouringPlans.com subscription both for first time Disney World visitors and for seasoned WDW veterans as well (they are also available for Disneyland).

The premium service costs only $11.95 for 365 days of premium access (with a 45-day money-back guarantee) and you will get a 20% discount off your subscription using the Touring Plans discount code MAGIADISNEY.

The will give you access to the Disney World Crowd Calendar, over 140 Touring Plans, wait times via the Lines mobile application, and much, much more!


Whilst this is NOT a sponsored post, our website does get a commission from every subscription generated through the affiliate links posted on this site. However, after personally trying out this service (together with several other million people) I have absolutely no problem recommending it.

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